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Studio Editions has been offering its dramas online since 1999, on an earlier internet site and then with Silverleaf Design in 2001. In keeping with the completion of the Studio Editions permanent archives, this site was revised, updated and streamlined in the spring of 2012. Studio Editions was founded in 1990 for the purpose of combining studio art, playwriting, and drama book publication. There are 34 dramas available in seven books: 19 "Plays for Young Adults," and 15 "Esoteric and Mystery Dramas" in five trilogies. The publications A Medley, Illustrated Plays and Three Plays are no longer available, but selected dramas from these books are now included in a 2011 edition titled Nine Dramas.

Selected paintings and illustrations from the archived "Changing Scene" pages, and additional artwork, are now featured throughout this site, as well as on the TC Pubs pages. The Studio Editions dramas all have subjects or themes relative to the search for and discovery of higher spiritual realities, both within the self (true self-knowledge) and the outer world. Most dramas are inspired by Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science (founded by Rudolf Steiner), although the historic biographies are true to the beliefs of the central figures, e.g., Augustus Le Plongeon.

Reference: The Rudolf Steiner Archive

TC Pubs (Trinity Chalice Publications) was founded in 1997-99 as an imprint of Studio Editions and has published books and articles. For a list of the imprint's publications and related work see the Brunnen Main Page.

CV, et cetera ~ Martha Keltz ~ A Chronological Biography, 1964 - 2012 [PDF]

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Dia de los Muertos
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Available Publications

Three Unusual Scientists
John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell

A Twentieth Century Trilogy
The Triad, Golden River,The Chalice

A Maya Trilogy
Dramas about Augustus and Alice Le Plongeon

A Trilogy
The Dream, The Tower, The Gatekeeper

Southwest Journey
The Occult Southwest, The Descent, The Resurrection

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